Cover sheets (as described elsewhere in our policy documents) are required for team assignments. Students always have an option of printing our form and submitting it with original signatures (before the deadline please!), and in some cases we require a printed form for our archival materials. However to streamline handling of routine assignments, and also save trees along the way, we accept e-signature as an option.

The convention we adopt is to manage the cover sheet as a text file in the team repository. Please sign by adding your name to the list at the indicated spot on the form. The convention is to list your FULL NAME in between SLASHES, such as your search engine will describe when you ask it about "digital signatures." Thus, the standard format would be just /name/. Remember, other declarations may sometimes be required in this document, such as confirming use of software which may be subject to other licensing restrictions.

It is not appropriate for you to add another student's name to the form; each team member should edit in his or her own name on the agreement and submit it to the repository. Since we presume your access credentials are private to you, submission to the repository can be reasonable assurance that you actually signed digitally. It is a simple script for us to check that each of you is signing the shared form. One form per team, please; figuring out how to coordinate as a team is one of our basic skills to master. One form per project as well. You may of course want to capture and print a copy of the final version of the form after the material has been accepted.

Though often we will prepopulate your team repositories with templated forms, we offer the generic editable Word document for teams which prefer to print and submit a hardcopy.

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